Start To Follow

Podcast Episodes

The Start To Follow class taught by Pastor Jon was an eight week class on the fundamentals of the Christian faith and practice: what it means to follow Jesus. Below are our supplemental podcast episodes that followed the topics of the class.
Week 1: What it means to find a Christ centered church, how to spend time with God, and answers questions about why Jesus had to die on the cross.
Week 2: The value, benefits, and promises of the Living Word.
Week 3: What it means to serve one another in Christ, and how the greater church body helps us in our faith.
Week 4: Prayer and worship, and how God's love and grace transform how we ultimately talk and give praise to Him.
Week 5: "Sharing the faith" and how OUR testimonies, are less about US, and more about HIM.
Week 6: Following Christ in our decisions, whether it be over big issues as to what to do when faced with the loss of a job, or smaller more mundane decisions like stopping to help someone change a car tire.
Week 7: What is the difference between trial and temptation?
Week 8: The majesty of God's character